Comparing Mobile Web and Mobile Applications

You are sitting on a commuter train on a cold wet tuesday morning with an hour’s trip to work.  You are dreaming of escape.  Holiday in the sun.  You boot up your tablet which you regularly use to pass the boredom.  Website or app?

With the website, you have to worry about network coverage.  On a train with a tablet, this is always questionable, and websites often don’t work well in adverse conditions.

An app is better here.  If the user has made the decision to download the app, they have already made one step in your direction.  Your brochure is on their device and always accessible and if you have anything of interest it is likely to be accessed more than once.

Your webpage on the other hand is one click away from google, and all your competitors offering cut price alternatives.

It is true that may apps are deleted quite quickly from devices, but this just reflects the fact that there are a lot of disappointing apps out there.  If a potential customer has take the step of installing your brochure app on her device, then this is equivalent to taking your printed brochure home, with the added advantage that the mobile app will go on the commuter trip every morning.  It is there, waiting for that idle moment when thoughts of sunny holidays interrupt the drudgery.