Profiting from Mobile Applications

To profit from a free app, the app must support your enterprise.  The app makes sense if the cost is comparable to the costs of producing and distributing the traditional paper catalogues, but the app has 

In-app purchase

In-app purchases are for digital content such as subscriptions, 

This section needs to be written.  There will probably be three pages - the introduction page then one page each for IOS and Android. 

This is the key page for IOS:


Apple and google charges  30% of the revenue for a subscription, so this model may not work well for you.  Not that Apple and Google are both receiving 30% of all your subscription revenue for the lifetime of the subscription.  


Advertisers, just like app developers recognise the app revolution, and how important mobile users can be as a target for advertising.  Apps also allow new clever ideas such as proximity based marketing (advertising is displayed for something that is located near to the user) 

Putting advertising in your app is a great way of monetizing the app if you have a sufficiently large user base.    Your app can be free to download, but you will make money from advertising revenue.  The downside is that advertising will turn some users off.

Find out more about using apps on android and google networks at the links below.  Advertising can be added to your app as a customized option.