Start Creating Your App now

Building an app takes a lot of time and a lot of money.  There is no substitute to seeing how you idea would look running on a real smartphone. The facilities on this website will allow you to prototype your application.

Build a prototype app show people and discuss how it should work decide if it will be worth the investment pay to launch your real app

The sample applications will give you some good ideas about what an application would look like with your 'look and feel' and how it might work for you. You can use these sample apps as templates to start your own design or build your own app from scratch using the basic modules available on this site.

When you have the app configured on our website, download the test application to try it out on your own smartphone.

For simple applications, and app created on this website may be all you need, but most customers will want to complete the development of the app with their own branding to launch it on the app stores. 

Work out the business model

There are many business models that can apply to smartphone applications. You may want a app that can be downloaded free by your customers, an in-house tool for your staff, or a paid for app that will provide revenue.  Have a look at our business page to start your planning.

When your app is ready to go, we will support you in submitting the app to the app stores. 

We can provide advice and consultancy in promoting your application