Content Pages

Content pages are the simplest form of page on an app, they display formatted text and pictures, and could incorporate other media such as video and animations.  

The de-facto standard for laying out text on a website is HTML with CSS - a method of marking up text to say what colour it should , how it is located on the page, font sizes and so on.  Apps can easily display this kind of text data, so as a rule of thumb anything that can be displayed on a web page can be displayed just as well if not better on an app.

The advantage of using an app is that the app does not need access to the internet to download the page.  Also layouts on websites are often created to display on a range of devices like large PC screens, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, and this can lead to a certain amount of compromise, or pages that look bad on some screen sizes.  Content for an app will be tailored for mobile devices and will give good results. 

Content pages are standard product on the templedynamic website, you can use them to present information, products, pictures and so on.  Basically anything you could do on a web page can be incorporated in an app. 

Cost and technical implications:  Presenting content is part of the standard product set so low cost unless you need something unusual.