What can you do with an app?  

The pages linked below describe some of the things you can do with an app. Each page describes the technological issues involved, and give guidance for the cost of developing the features involved.

Our philosophy is to help customers work on their ideas and get a good understanding of what is involved in developing and running an app before committing to the costs and effort involved.

You can build test apps that incorporate most of the features described below using the app builder facilities on this website. This will help you understand how an app can work, and just what issues and costs you are likely to encounter.

You can develop your ideas on paper, but there is no substitute to having a working prototype that you and your colleagues can discuss and experiment with. Using the features on this website, you can start building your prototype for free, and your ideas and insight will start to grow.

Templedynamic can help you through the early stages of developing your concept right through to releasing your finished app to the world.

How much will it cost?

In each of the above sections there is a cost and technical implications box which gives a quick guideline to the likely cost of developing and implementing an app with the features described.

The templedynamic website is aimed at building websites for businesses and organisations, and so standard apps include pages of content, information, communication, collaboration and so on are easy and very cost effective to build. 

Apps such as games or specific applications (eg an astronomy app that identifies which constellations are visible in the sky) require more customised development, and such developments are outside our target market. (We can help with any such ideas, but the cost is likely to be high).

The costs are split into bands, here is what these bands mean in real money:

Standard product

These are features that can be implemented using the features on the Templedynamic website with little or no customisation.

The website allows a lot of quite complicated apps to be build as many apps have the same building blocks. The website has many 

An app that can be completely constructed on the website can be built for testing and proof of concept purposes for a very low cost (say £100/year, this fee may be waived or refunded when an app is launched)

The cost of launching a standard app is around £3000 - £5000. Ongoing fees may apply if you need to keep using the servers and portal (£100 - £1,000/year depending on requirements and level of support)

Low cost app

Low costs apps can be mostly built on the website, but require a little extra customisation and design. Costs in the range of £5,000 - £10,000

Medium cost app

Apps that require more complicated developments for specific applications. Costs in the range £10,000 - £50,000. There are likely to be ongoing support costs as well. 

High cost app 

A high cost app is one that requires significant development, but probably requires additional infrastructure such as servers and security as well. This could be a major project involving the customers IT department and represents significant investment. Costs typically over £50,000 and may be very substantially higher.